Professional Practices — Week 12 — Preparinng Interview & First Article

OKRs — “Find design methods/practices that I love and want to do”

This week I published my first LinkedIn article on my favorite four design methods. Here is the link to the article:

I posted on LinkedIn feed, Twitter feed and my Slack community to promote the article. I am pretty sure I will get some positive feedback from other designers.:)

Structuring An Interview With Daniel

Daniel is a senior UX designer at Reddit, a platform I am always on. Personally I think Reddit has a lot of UI and UX aspects can be improved, besides get to know what Daniel do at Reddit in a day to day basis. I also want to know his personal take on Reddit’s future of product design. Daniel has a background of psychology (as a student, researcher, and peer counselor), which led him to understand the power of empathy in human-centered design. I resonated with his biography a lot and on his portfolio site, I saw all of his work have this simplistic style with bold color choices. I am excited to conduct an interview with him and take notes. I have structured some specific questions to ask:

  • What is your design process like in Reddit and how it is similar or different than your own design process? (or personal approach to design since I see you have a lot of freelance experience)
  • What does your typical day look like at Reddit? what is your favorite part and least favorite part?
  • As a UX designer and a researcher, how did you develop such a compelling visual design skill ? Where do you go for inspirations and do you have any art background?
  • How does your company maintain work-life balance?
  • What is the vision or direction of the company for the next few years? Have you guys considered changing the visual layout? Do you prefer the Reddit’s UI design right now? Do you think there’s room for improvements?
  • Do you see yourself working in this position at Reddit for a long time? What is your long-term goal as a designer?

More questions will be added if there’s enough time!

Next Time

Interview with Daniel

Sharing my work with practitioners



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IxD Student @CCA, Currently learning lean start-up with UX/UI, also part-time painter and musician; full-time thinker and explorer.