First Meeting — Senior Thesis II

Due to the pandemic, plenty of artists have been trying to work online and explore the digital format of exchanging art. Also, there are a lot of gamers who are more active than ever, the demand for buying fan art has been increasing. I realized that there is no well-developed website or a platform for artists (particularly fan art based artists) to get noticed or even sell their work. The only couple of platforms for artists to gain exposure are social media like Instagram and Twitter. Therefore, I wanted to create a platform that helps these struggling artists to manage their selling experience as well as these buyer’s experience.

2. What have you learned so far? What are your biggest insights?

I have learned that many people, both buyers, and sellers, are already using existing platforms like Instagram to experience the“art e-commerce” — exploring and posting/selling arts. Most people mentioned the word “ubiquitous” as to why they stuck with using Instagram. This early discovery made me realize that buyers (art enthusiasts) already have ways to find the art they love. However, Instagram does not provide a practical communication tool for buyers and artists to develop that relationship further.

3. What has Gretchen’s feedback been? What other feedback do you remember?

Gretchen’s feedback was really helpful. She linked me to couple professional artists to interview with. Gretchen also guided me on which system map I should use to effective demonstrate my concept and she also helped me work on my finalized persona.

4. What questions do you have right now?

What kind of and how many features should I include to capture the essence of my product?

5. Do you have ideas for you next / first prototoype? We are looking for “A thoughtful approach to prototyping a model of interaction, identifying specific questions for the prototype to address”.

Since Artif (the product’s name) is an e-commerce extension to buyers’ favorite art page. It is the “next step” for the buyers after they found the art they want. It provides options for purchasing and connecting with the artists. I want to test it out if buyers are able to redirect from Instagram to Artif website (or app). What are some ways that can help the buyers to get to the Artif platform after they are interested in a piece of artwork.

6. Who will you test your prototype on?

I can reconnect with the buyers that I have interviewed with or more new people from online art community.

7. Finally, please include your notes on what you took away from our conversation, and what you plan on doing next.

The conversation inspired me to explore further the relationship between my product’s concept and the art community. The e-commerce feature is the core of the product. However, the feature itself is on the surface level. There should be a deeper meaning behind the story of Artif, which asks the questions like: what does Artif represent for the art community? What is Artif trying to communicate for both of the users? What types of relationships is Artif trying to sustain for the users, and why are they so important? How is the art community been since the pandemic?



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Ted Huang

Ted Huang


IxD Student @CCA, Currently learning lean start-up with UX/UI, also part-time painter and musician; full-time thinker and explorer.